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 Hey 👋 Here's What I Learned.

🤝 In Home Art Consultations

My favorite call to action for potential collectors is an ‘In home art consultation’. By that, I simply mean walking interested prospects through this flow: 


  1. Offer to bring work they like over to their house so they can see it on their walls 

  2. Set up an appointment to go to their house

  3. Show up with a variety of artwork and work with them to find a fit for their space

  4. Offer to let them try it on their walls for a couple weeks before they buy if they are unsure 


I like this for a couple reasons. 


a) It gives art sellers two easy talking points to move the transaction along, 1 and 4. Both of which are easy for a potential collector to say yes to. 


b) It breaks down a high ticket purchase into multiple easy to digest steps, plus it makes the process more fun for the collector.

Here are more details on Piper's offer.

💌 Direct Mail is Useful

Direct mail marketing is interesting because it can give galleries a clear path to potentially getting in front of high end neighborhood residents.


A campaign that I helped Piper with resulted in a meaningful level of sales from a single collector. 

We designed a postcard promoting her 'Try before you buy' program encouraging viewers to book an art consultation with Piper. Then we sent it out to a number of neighborhoods in Piper's target market. One recipient was building a house when she received it and tucked the postcard away for when she was ready for art. Months later she came into the gallery because she liked the art in a photo on the postcard. Over the course of a few sales, she spent a significant amount with Piper J Gallery. 

Here is an example postcard.

📢 Print Advertising Can Work

Diret mail anchor

Print advertising has worked in Piper J Gallery’s market. Why? My theory is that it has been successful because there are a handful of culturally relevant magazines in the area. These publications are generally highly regarded around town and appear everywhere. They get read. Print ads may not be appropriate for everyone, but in markets where there are magazines at the intersection of community, culture and reach, it may be worthwhile.

For example, Piper J Gallery met a cute couple when they came into the gallery after seeing Piper's ad in a local magazine. After getting to know the couple's and learning a little more about their taste, Piper went over to their house for an in home art consultation. That resulted in Piper placing a number of works in the home from a handful of artists she represents. She also coordinated two commissions for their home. This a very happy couple spent a significant amount with the gallery.


Here is an example ad.

Prin ad anchor

💻 Email Marketing Helps Create Buzz

As Piper J Gallery’s email list has grown so has the impact from it. We have gotten engagement that we are happy with through informative and promotional emails about the artists the gallery represents, exhibits and new work. 


Here are some of our favorites: 

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 4.55.27 PM.png

What Piper had 
to say ☺️

"Garrett is a total lifesaver! He has a cheerful, positive attitude and is always looking for creative solutions to build customer relationships. I love working with him because he keeps me focused and helps me keep my eye on big picture goals. If you're feeling like your marketing needs a creative boost, I'd recommend setting up a call with him!"

- Gallery Owner, Piper J Gallery

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