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Corporate Consultant 

This client is a supply chain consultant focused on serving clients in manufacturing and food and beverage. I helped the revamp their sales and marketing strategy as they prepared to launch new a new offering. 


Sales support

Sales and marketing planning





This client is a consultant serving Fortune 500 companies across the US. After years of working directly with clients the owner decided to expand her service offerings. 

What began as sales support 

expanded into an advisory role covering sales, social media, email marketing and advertising. 

The Work

I collaborated with the owner to develop a digital sales and marketing plan. Then I worked with the company's project manager to brief the team so they could implement the new program. 

The final product was a detailed system to engage and convert stakeholders utilizing inside sales, webinars, social media groups and email marketing. All this was completed while building her network so that she would have a larger audience to launch her new offerings against. 

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